ORBOLOCKS SPRAY by Astarloa Pharm - new era preventive and hygienic agent for urgent and regular prevention of viral diseases and for daily care of the nasal cavity mucous membrane. 4=1 spray - unique medcine based on patented component Orbioiodine®. Once in the nasal cavity, it creates an active permeable membrane based on active iodine, orthoboric acid and organic resin acids. This component is mined only at Astarloa Pharm facility located in Chilie. What makes the drug one of a kind. Spray began as a savior for nuclear power plant workers in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Each employee went on duty with a bottle of Orbioiodine® spray in his pocket. Very soon オルビオヨウ素  became a hit-product in Japanese pharmacies. Organic with no prescription / no side effects. Just push&go. A new classifier has been introduced for this product - AFNB (Active filtration of nasal breathing). Medium and high levels of air pollution (according to the Orbolocks AQI scale), areas of environmental disasters, areas with high radioactivity ... all these are areas of Orbolocks spray application. Treatment of rhinitis that require a vasodilating effect, toning energizer for safe irritation of the nasal mucosa are also onboard in Orbolocks spray-bottle. During the coronavirus pandemic, the spray became one of the main fighters against the virus using AFNB and permeable membrane properties. Orbolocks provides 95%+ denaturation of viral proteins on the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity (incl. "corona type", herpes-, influenza-, adeno- viruses). It is absolutely new solution with zero synthetic components but destroy all types of viral proteins while they are in nasal cavity. Solution also provides antiinflammatory and anti-bacterial action. Spray mighty aimed for prevention of viral diseases. Orbolocks development lasted 18 months (2018-19). Here we included successful experience with 12000 taiwanese volumteers during 2019-2021 "corona fight". Astarloa Pharm proud to be the root cause of Orbolocks spray team that started new trend of safe nasal breathing and antivirus prevention. Orbolocks spray is to parry your sniff along with Astarloa Pharm which provides best pharmacy only through the better understandings. You are welcome to #breathe world!

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